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Feel The Love

Community Nominates

People like you across the country recognize deserving individuals and families in their hometowns by nominating them to receive new heating or cooling systems. Each nomination recognizes an unsung hero who may be going through hardship, helps others in need or simply supports their community. And, for our 2021 Feel The Love Week, we’re continuing to expand the program focus to bring hope and support to essential workers and workers on the frontlines. For tips on deciding who to nominate, see our guidelines.

Selections are Made

After receiving all of the nominations, we honor select recipients with new heating or cooling equipment. Oftentimes, these people lack the means to make their homes more comfortable on their own, but we believe that everyone should feel safe and comfortable in their home. We’re dedicated to giving those in need the perfect air they deserve.

Dealers Spread the Love

During the second week in October, Lennox works with our partner dealers to give back to these selected heroes by gifting them with a much-needed upgrade from our Merit Series – our line of products that sets the Lennox® standard of excellence. Each unit comes complete with 3-year Comfort Shield Labor Protection Plans, and Feel The Love dealers donate their time and labor to make the program a success.

Feel The Love Timeline

Dennis and KathyDennis & Kathy

Kathy Klein is fighting every day. With only 24% heart function and 4th stage kidney failure, she is patiently waiting for a kidney and heart transplant. Add on weekly dialysis, two strokes and autoimmune issues, it’s hard for her to be comfortable at home.

Kathy was chosen for a new Lennox air conditioner to help make her day-to-day easier. Now, when it’s a humid day, she can breathe easier moving from room to room. We’re glad to know Kathy will be able to enjoy her favorite home activities — especially in the summer.

Ashley ChemoffAshley Chemoff

Ashley recently opened a small business in her community. But with the difficulties 2020 brought for everyone, she was doing everything she could to keep her doors open. At the end of last winter, her furnace stopped working. Since she had just opened her business, Ashley decided to wait it through in hopes she would be in a better financial situation come summer.

We selected Ashley for a new Lennox installation, because she’s known to do whatever it takes to provide a home for her son and to provide a safe place for her mother.

Ashley's neighbors see her business as a wonderful addition to their small town—being able to provide her with a new furnace so she can keep her doors open is exactly why Feel The Love was established.

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