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Feel The Love

Community Nominates

People like you across the country recognize deserving individuals and families in their hometowns by nominating them to receive new heating or cooling systems. Each nomination recognizes an unsung hero who may be going through hardship, helps others in need or simply supports their community. And, for our 2023 Feel The Love Week, we’re continuing to expand the program focus to bring hope and support to essential workers and workers on the frontlines. For tips on deciding who to nominate, see our guidelines.

Selections are Made

After receiving all of the nominations, we honor select recipients with new heating or cooling equipment. Oftentimes, these people lack the means to make their homes more comfortable on their own, but we believe that everyone should feel safe and comfortable in their home. We’re dedicated to giving those in need the perfect air they deserve.

Dealers Spread the Love

During the second week in October, Lennox works with our partner dealers to give back to these selected heroes by gifting them with a much-needed upgrade from our Merit Series – our line of products that sets the Lennox® standard of excellence. Each unit comes complete with an extended warranty through Warranty Your Way®, and Feel The Love dealers donate their time and labor to make the program a success.

Feel The Love Timeline

Dennis and KathyErnie K.

Fifteen years ago at the age of 33, Ernie K. was permanently disabled by a stroke, leaving him with insomnia, memory loss, and a range of other issues including problems with balance and speech. Unable to work, and Mrs. Kasper occupied full-time as his caregiver, their family of four is forced to live solely on his modest disability income. The COVID-19 pandemic has made things especially stressful for him, and yet he remains cheerful and encouraging, always ready with a joke, a hug, or a smile. 

Because he goes out of his way to show love to others, we felt he’d truly appreciate our Feel the Love program, and so we were pleased to present Ernie and his family with a new furnace.

Ashley ChemoffLouise Palladino

The Palladinos have an adult son with severe disabilities. Louise has spent all of her time caring for her son so she has been unable to work full-time. Unfortunately, the family’s HVAC system was over twenty-five years old and no longer keeping them comfortable in their home.  We were happy to help this deserving family Feel The Love.

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