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Nominate Someone

What makes a good nominee?

Feel The Love nominees all have one thing in common: they always put others first. But sometimes, these individuals need a little help making sure their own needs are being met. With your help (and your nomination), we can improve the quality of their lives by gifting them with a much-needed upgrade from our Merit® Series—our line of products that set the Lennox standard of excellence.  


While unsung heroes come from all walks of life, some examples of past nominees we've honored include community figures such as teachers, firefighters and volunteers; families facing hard times; veterans; senior citizens living in older homes; and people impacted by natural disasters. 

If you know someone in your community who deserves recognition, submitting a nomination for them to receive a new heating or cooling system is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation.  

For more help identifying heroes in your hometown, consider partnering with a local nonprofit organization.